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Unique resources to enhance your travel and your creative work

Here you’ll find a wealth of how-to documents, tips sheets and other resources on travel, creativity and meaning. To access these, sign up below or log in if you’ve already registered. The resources are all free and we’ll never spam you or share your email address with anyone. So what are you waiting for?

The featured resource is The Beginner’s Guide to Making Great Travel PhotosNo matter what your level of experience with photography, you’ll find some great tips and techniques here to help you get the most out of any trip or to apply to your photos at home. Here are some sample pages from the guide:


Photo Guide - Leading LinesPhoto Guide - Think like your cameraPhoto Guide - Themes

Some additional resources available include:

Look Closely Cover Look Closely: This illustrated eBook will help you write, photograph and travel better by showing you how to find and use the right details. Why does this matter? Because the most compelling stories and images use details to convey a true sense of a place. But details can also overwhelm you. Use this guide to capture the most appropriate details that will make your creative process easier and the result more compelling.

Also available are four different Tips for Meaningful Travel documents. These “tip sheets” on how to plan, begin, continue and end a trip well. Here’s a sample of one of the tip sheets:

Tips for Meaningful Travel – In the middle of your trip

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